Action units detection (Avatar)


Detect the movements of individual facial muscles and translate them into facial expressions. Track users’ moods and emotions.

Create users’ 3D avatars that mimic their slightest movements and even micro expressions in real time.


  • Emotional engagement measurement
  • Six basic emotions (happiness, surprise, sadness, anger, fear and disgust)
  • Mood detection
  • Micro expressions

Use cases


  • Build personal 3D game characters
  • Control game characters with facial expressions and movements


  • Use a personal digital avatar in video chats
  • Create employee avatars for live support


  • Assess ad effectiveness by monitoring emotional responses in real time
  • Identify feedback and pre-empt negative emotions

Smart UI

  • Design visual effects that respond to facial expressions
  • Personalize content and interfaces based on emotion recognition
  • Allow users to interact with the app using mimics


  • Deliver online mental health services of an in-person quality
  • Detect emotional states of patients

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