Engagement analytics

Create effective content by monitoring emotional responses in real-time.
  • Personalize content
  • Assess ad effectiveness
  • Track engagemen
  • Test campaigns
  • Identify feedback
  • Measure attention

How it works

  • 1

    Display video

  • 2

    Detect and track a face

  • 3

    Monitor facial expressions via camera

  • 4

    Get an insightful emotion report

Emotion detection

Your content can provoke a variety of emotions – from a smile to astonishment or neutral. Detect them in real-time and gather quality emotional data to align your digital content to your goals.

Face tracking

Even if a user moves his/her hand in front of his/her face, or the lighting darkens, the technology works stably. You get a full picture of the user’s emotional palette.

Head pose

If interested, we can incline our head. When bored, we sit back or focus our attention elsewhere. Such data gives marketers another useful insight in the moments of attentive focus if emotion expressions are not obvious.

Eye tracking

See what part of the screen attracts user’s sight. Track attention in real-time and optimize your content, user experience or CTAs making it 100% visible and effective.

Create stories that matter

  • Online podcasts
  • Digital content
  • User interface
  • Ads
  • Video

Why us

  • Consultancy

    Unlike a technology company, we approach you from the product side.

  • Fast & easy launch

    Support you all the way with personal PM manager.

  • Lifetime support

    As long as you are with us, we update our technology for you at no extra cost.

  • Customization

    With our technologies, we can build a unique product for your brand that better resonates with your audience.

  • R&D department

    We have an AI lab with developers, PhDs and data scientists who know how to build quality solutions.

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