Let customers look good in the camera so that they have a good customer experience. Fix camera distortions and make beautification available on a wide range of devices.

Enhance faces and apply modification effects in real time. Allow users to control the level of beautification and emphasize their natural beauty.


  • Skin smoothing
  • Eye emphasis
  • Skin tone correction
  • Whitening of eyes and teeth
  • Correction of face shape (make it slimmer, wider, increase/decrease eye size, change the shape of the nose and head proportions)
  • Change hair color
  • Improve face symmetry
  • Shape and color eyebrows
  • Correction of lip shape
  • Virtual makeup
  • Face morphing

Use cases


  • Make video chatting more comfortable and enjoyable by enhancing the user’s looks

Plastic surgery

  • View the effect of plastic surgeries, improve customer service and decrease patient’s spontaneous decisions


  • Enhance customers’ looks during the virtual try-on experience


  • Apply makeup and choose products that suit best
  • View the effect from skin care/treatment products

Camera technologies

  • Make selfies more attractive yet natural looking
  • Fix smartphone camera distortions

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