Eye tracking


Get insight into your customers' visual attention. Track gaze direction with subpixel accuracy and detect precise eye movements to understand your users’ behaviour.


  • High degree of precision in eye tracking
  • Eye states: open/closed
  • Attention tracking
  • Eye pupil detection and tracking
  • Eye blinking

Use cases


  • Detect the driver’s drowsiness and fatigue
  • Prevent sleeping at the wheel


  • Analyze UI perception and draw heat maps
  • Assess interface and the efficiency of ads
  • Enable touchless eye-gaze control and interactive responses to user behaviour


  • Track brain activity, diagnose diseases and perform research
  • Provide assistive technologies for people with disabilities

Smart UI

  • Allow users to interact with the app via eye-gaze and head movements
  • Reveal and fix UI weaknesses to improve customer satisfaction

Banuba can transform your business

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