Face tracking and segmentation


Build ultimately personalized web and mobile solutions based on facial recognition. Let customers experience your business in a whole new way.

Banuba’s technology uses precise motion tracking at 200 frames-per-second (FPS), with high stability even at extreme angles to deliver superior real-time face tracking.


  • Age, gender, ethnicity detection
  • Moustache and glasses detection
  • 3D facial mesh generation
  • Superior lighting detection
  • The patented “anti-jitter” technology for clear images
  • Multi-face
  • Cross-platform
  • Easy-to-use

Use Cases


  • Apply super real AR masks and face modification effects.
  • Beautify in real time

Marketing and analytics

  • Analyze and predict user behaviour

Fashion and beauty

  • Let users try on your products virtually.
  • Change makeup or hairstyles in real time


  • Implement face-based authentication.
  • Track and spot faces of conference attendees


  • Turn on battery saving mode when the phone is put down

Banuba can transform your business

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