Hair segmentation


Let customers change hairstyles and hair colours at a click to find their perfect look. Boost your consumer satisfaction by offering an easy-to-use hair color changer.

Increase sales and nurture customer loyalty by offering personalized customer services and relevant hair care products.


  • Hair detection
  • Hair colour detection
  • Hairstyle classification
  • Hair absence detection

Use cases


  • Detect hairstyles for custom 3D avatars

Beauty salons

  • Advise hairstyles or hair treatment based on hair detection
  • Implement a smart digital hairstylist
  • Choose hairstyles and make an appointment with a stylist


  • Change hairstyles to experiment with their appearance and hairstyles


  • Show the expected effect of hair care products
  • Recommend products based on hair type
  • Try on hair color products virtually with a hair color changer

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