Heart rate detection


Enable a contact-free heartbeat sensor on your device. Detect viewers’ responses to commercials by measuring their heart rate via a camera in real time.

The facial blood circulation involves changes in skin color which can’t be seen with a naked eye. Our technology detects, analyzes and processes them robustly and in real time.

It provides the same level of accuracy as with contact-based heartbeat monitoring yet allows more convenient and accessible experience – all you need is a camera and a face.


  • Works using a web or mobile camera
  • High accuracy
  • Real-time
  • Quick and easy to use

Use cases


  • Identify emotional states and moods
  • Detect physiological signals based on heart rate changes when facial expressions are not clear


  • Measure user’s emotional response to ads or content


  • Allow patients to measure their heart rate via a camera
  • Power mobile and web healthcare solutions with a heartbeat sensor

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