Real-time mobile face tracking

Precise motion tracking at 200 FPS and high stability at extreme angles (up to 90 degrees). The technology allows for the application of funny masks, filters and augmented 3D models, some of which can be started using a preset trigger.

In the tracking process, we’ve managed to avoid the in-between steps. Banuba’s solution is able to recognise anthropometric data with no 2D or 3D landmarks involved. The image’s ultimate precision is achieved with:

  • No solvers * Direct camera parameters fitting = reduced jitter and top-notch performance
  • A sophisticated anti-jitter feature applies masks with polished excellence. Accurate detection of lighting brings recognition quality to perfection.


Use cases

Networking. Tracking and spotting faces of conference participants.

Smart UI. Turning on battery saving mode when the phone is put down and sensors capture no face.

Mobile marketing. Face-based determining of the application user

Face editing. Real-time face beautification, such as making eyes larger, nose thinner or cheeks blushing.

E-Commerce/M-commerce. A virtual fitting room where users can try on apparel, sunglasses, hats, jewellery, makeup, etc.

Virtual makeover. Changing appearances with makeup, a beard or moustache and new hairstyles.

Security. Personal authentication using predetermined facial expression parameters; creating an individual profile: face-based automatic user registration, making a profile image, remembering the user and determining when they are looking at the screen.


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