Why AR

Reinventing messaging

Augmented reality blends physical and digital worlds saving us more time for interacting with each other. With the rise of AR we have all what it takes to express ourselves in alternative ways.

It’s a beginning of a new messaging platform. You come up with your own AR experiences built atop of your daily life. You shape your own forms responsive to what surrounds you, be it people, objects, or whatever else. And share it.

Rethinking camera

Today, when augmented reality is thrown at you at every corner, the ‘camera-first’ approach gained momentum. Technologies evolve, companies are getting smarter. Mobile brands are gearing up to deliver AR experience in place of ‘just a smartphone with strong capabilities’.

They put a great focus on camera. They empower smartphones to have emotions.

Personalising content

Customised content has become the way of influencing users’ decisions. To learn what a user wants, feels, or implies, companies deploy augmented reality in their apps. Reactions can be derived through the AR prism.

Apps powered by the augmented reality reads off a user’s face, generates personalised content and creates a new level of engagement. As simple as that.

You don’t need to pry anymore. You can receive data without asking.

Tech companies are on the edge of tomorrow.

Global tech brands’ vision goes hand-in-hand with the augmented reality.

The total AR market is expected to reach $90 billion by 2020.

Understanding emotions

Face can say a lot. AR powered apps are able to read user’s face and discover a full spectrum of emotions in real time. The technology of facial recognition is a disruptive innovation as it reveals everything. While a person can tell lies, a face always tells the truth.

In a couple of years a number of industries will be affected by facial recognition. Boarding gates, psychology, entertainment, you name it. What we witness now is just a tip of the iceberg. The trend is ubiquitous, audacious and strong.

Rejecting traditional UI

Traditional UI is becoming a thing of the past. With the ‘oldie’ removed and replaced with AR, the user-computer interaction will see a new life. Today the impact of chatboats are tangible. Users don’t need to click, push, chose something with the help of his hands. Just talk.

Reimagining games

With the AR rising popularity developers can take gaming to a new level. The technology has already sparked a boom in the industry. Pokemon Go blew off the market, House of the Dying Son and the like followed.

Everything you could only imagine playing Supermario in your teens is getting real. Any surface is a gameboard, any character is alive.