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AR is a game changer. With growing enthusiasm, it spurs camera-based apps to new levels. Inevitably, camera-based will soon turn into camera-first. With Banuba’s solutions, you can bring to life your own AR experiences. Want to find out why else is AR amazing? Learn here!

Banuba’s technologies are completely compatible with both Android and iOS platforms, extracting all the good out of modern devices and putting it to efficient use. The solutions support hybrid multithreading CPU-GPU execution, eliminate adverse effects of CPU frequency scaling and can run several computational intensive operations simultaneously.

We are working on a machine learning engine optimised for creating models that efficiently run on mobile devices. Our models perform full frontal face detection up to 1,000 FPS and our SDK can work from both front and back cameras. Banuba has filed a patent on innovative anti-jitter technology.

Real-time mobile face tracking

Precise motion tracking at 200 FPS and high stability at extreme angles (up to 90 degrees). The technology allows application of funny masks, filters and augmented 3D models, some of which can be started using a preset trigger.

Emotion recognition

Six major human emotions (anxiety, sadness, surprise, etc.) recognised based on facial expressions. The technology can help measure user engagement by monitoring and recording emotions while watching commercials.

Eye-gaze direction tracking

Tracking of gaze direction with subpixel accuracy and precise eye movement detection. The solution helps measure user interaction and engagement with in-app ads and provides behavioural analytics of mobile UI/UX.

Gender and age detection

Fast user data (age, gender, race) aggregation and processing for a deeper understanding of the audience. The obtained data can further be used in targeted advertising and parental control.

Motion capture

Detection of head movements and rotation up to 90 degrees. The technology creates 3D models that closely mimic movements of users and objects in video games development and filmmaking.

Separation of objects from the background

Real-time replacement of a background with both static and animated textures available. The solution can change backgrounds to a number of optional presets during video calls or can be used as a funny effect in advertising.

Surface detection

Exceptionally efficient detection of surface and its curvature, allowing users to place virtual objects in real-world locations.

Objects recognition

Precise detection of specific objects in digital images and videos.

Voice and tone recognition

Analysis of voice biometrics, such as frequency and voice tone, assisting the technology to decode and perform spoken commands.

Augmented reality: the future overlaid on today


Banuba offers cutting-edge AR technology for mobile apps

Banuba offers a unique partnership opportunity for up to 10 app developers across the world to create AR-enabled products.

The partners will receive:

  • Access to Banuba’s mobile AR SDK
  • Marketing and business development support
  • Funding for a joint venture as needed

Among the first partners to take up the offer is game developer Inventain. Their team has received €1 million to develop their project jointly with us.

This initiative is backed by major investors as part of an international programme to develop AI and AR technologies.


Partnership inquiries

Our augmented reality mobile SDK is waiting to embrace your challenges.
We seek to partner with 10 app developers to create amazing AR-enabled products based on our mobile SDK. Please fill the form if you are interested.

Partnership inquiries

Our augmented reality mobile SDK is waiting to embrace your challenges.
We seek to partner with 10 app developers to create amazing AR-enabled products based on our mobile SDK. Please fill the form if you are interested.

About Banuba

Born in 2016, Banuba is an innovation-oriented tech company building breakthrough mobile solutions. From our dev centre in Minsk, Belarus, and offices around the globe, we deliver products powered by advanced machine learning algorithms that can detect and identify objects, facial expressions and gestures in real time.

Banuba has already received $5 million in investments. We are financially backed by the prominent tech-oriented investors: Larnabel Ventures, owned by the Gutseriev family, and VP Capital, founded by Viktor Prokopenya.

Banuba’s SDK enables real-time face tracking, age detection and gender estimation, emotion recognition, eye-gaze direction tracking, motion capture and background change, allowing users to separate objects from the background.

We have already applied for 13 US patents for real-time video processing and image recognition stabilisation, and are devotedly working towards more.



Banuba is an international team of 70+ aspiring shapers of the future. To continue building the latest in breakthrough AR technology, we need more like-minded people. Those with energy and fresh ideas; computer vision enthusiasts, machine learning devotees and curious minds, we’re sure you will thrive with us. Come and join us!

Find your future with our latest vacancies:

AR Product Marketing Manager

Are you an avid fan of cutting-edge digital marketing? Are you buzzing with energy and creativity and can’t wait to use your own initiative and imagination? We want you to be a part of our awesome team!

VFX Artist

Have an excellent art sense and able to convert it into creating entrancing visuals? We are currently looking for an experienced VFX Artist to contribute to our state-of-the-art projects.

Computer Vision Engineer

To build a top-notch product, Banuba needs strong talent and is looking for an experienced Computer Vision Engineer who is willing to deepen the knowledge in artificial intelligence and neural networks.

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