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The Banuba AR SDK

A unique product for mobile app developers, which combines advanced technologies and suitable for 3D face detection and tracking, 3D face analisys,including detection of skin and hair colour, hair style, and separation of objects from the background.


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Real-time mobile face traking

Banuba’s technology uses precise motion tracking at 200 frames-per-second (FPS) and high stability, even at extreme angels (up to 90 degrees) to deliver superior real-time face tracking on mobile devices.

This technology enables a range of applications; masks, filters and augmented 3D models, some of which can be started using a pre-set trigger.

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Gender & age detection

Fast user data (age, gender, race) aggregation and processing for a deeper understanding of the audience.

User devotion and satisfaction results from the appealing content, design, functionality, and relevant advertising. Successful customization requires input from users. Banuba solutions see ‘asking for feedback’ as a thing of the past. The technology presents the possibility to detect and gather all the information needed for greater user involvement, without interrupting user experience.

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Surface detection

Efficient detection of the surface and its curvature to place virtual objects at real-world locations.

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Eye tracking

Tracking gaze direction with subpixel accuracy and precise eye movement detection. The solution helps to measure user interaction and engagement with in-app ads and provides behavioral analytics of mobile UI/UX.

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Emotion recognition

Six major human emotions (anxiety, sadness, surprise, etc.) are recognized, based on facial expressions. The technology can help measure user engagement by monitoring and recording emotions while watching commercials.

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Motion capture

Detection of head movements and rotation up to 90 degrees. The technology creates 3D models that closely mimic movements of users and objects in video game development and filmmaking.

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Object recognition

Precise detection of specific objects in digital images and videos.

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Objects-background separation

The technology allows replacing backgrounds with both static and animated textures in real time. The solution can change backgrounds into a number of optional presets during video calls. You can also use it as a funny effect in advertising.

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Why Us?

  • ±90° angles, 360° rotation Recognize and capture 3D images in any lighting and without face loss.
  • Mobile optimized Run neural networks on mobile devices.
  • Optimal 86 landmarks Achieve excellent results using the right balance between speed and quality of facial recognition.
  • All platforms & devices Reach customers on any device or platform – iOS, Android, or Windows.
  • Genetic algorithm Build, train and deploy a fully-functional neural network even with a small dataset.
  • HD resolution support Show the sharpest image possible.
  • Jitter-low image Get a "clean" image with our patented anti-jitter algorithm that reduces camera jitter and auto adjusts lighting.
  • No 3rd party patents Build a seamless and consistent experience with Banuba technology.

Our clients

Camera FirstBanubaNikola

Meet Nicola


Meet Nicola

Wise Parental Control Solution

Motivate children to read daily by their natural desire to play.

Schedule reading and game time. Choose what apps to block and for how long. Your children will unlock them only by reading.

Our Team

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Dmitry Ogievich

CEO Banuba Belarus
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Mikhail Boiko

Director of Business Development Contact me
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Alexey Sokolsky

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Anton Liskevich

Product Manager
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Alexey Tulia

Head of SDK team

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