Banuba is an international team of 70+ aspiring shapers of the future. To continue building the latest in breakthrough AR technology, we need more like-minded people. Those with energy and fresh ideas; computer vision enthusiasts, machine learning devotees and curious minds, we’re sure you will thrive with us. Come and join us!

AR Product Marketing Manager

Are you an avid fan of cutting-edge digital marketing? Are you buzzing with energy and creativity and can’t wait to use your own initiative and imagination? We want you to be a part of our awesome team!

Hardware computer vision optimisation engineer

We need a performance optimiser, someone who knows hardware inside out.

Machine learning expert

Wanted: master of algorithms and skilful builder of models.

Mobile GPU optimisation engineer

Seeking someone to optimise algorithms on GPUs.

SDK integration engineer

Developer who knows how to embed breakthrough technologies into SDKs.

VFX Artist

Have an excellent art sense and able to convert it into creating entrancing visuals? We are currently looking for an experienced VFX Artist to contribute to our state-of-the-art projects.

Partnership management specialist

We are looking for a considerate networker to build true partnerships.

Dataset management team lead

Head teacher of neural networks. Be a leader, not a bossy boots.

Deep learning specialist

With deep knowledge, experience and commitment.

Non-UI specialist

Can you control devices with eye-gaze? We need your superpower.

Computer Vision Engineer

To build a top-notch product, Banuba needs strong talent and is looking for an experienced Computer Vision Engineer who is willing to deepen the knowledge in artificial intelligence and neural networks. .

High performance computer specialist

Skilful and passionate guru of making computers do their best.

Camera-first visionary

Come, join us and push camera-first applications forward.

AI product manager

Insightful inventor of AI solutions, please be found.

Kitesurfing coach

Hot vacancy opening in our Gibraltar office.

Found an attractive vacancy? Want to join the team? Contact us at